MSU vs U of M

We’re gonna play devil’s advocate
it’s about as desperate as it can get
Let’s all pretend there’s a positive end
to a season that hasn’t really ended (yet).

Let’s play ‘What if?’, today, shall we?
Imagine, just for levity
that we win this game. Does it erase the shame
of a season defined by mediocrity?

Today we play the Wolverines
Some say it’s all the season means
If we win this one, forget what else we’ve done,
and all who beat us to smithereens

And no, I don’t claim we’ll beat U of M
(but if we did imagine all the mayhem)
Can we expect more than the esprit de corps
that our guys say they have between them?

Maybe today will yield a different result
That might somehow settle the current tumult
Cuz at Michigan State, football hasn’t been great
And the fans need a reason to exult

So forget recent games for today
This one they always get up to play
(it still won’t save face nor the others erase,
but might help the pain go away)

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