MSU vs Arizona State Sun Devils

Hello, all you folks who love Michigan State
(and I suppose any trolls; they’re so easy to bait)
If we play like we’ve been, like we believe we can win,
then this season is bound to be great.

Our conference seems strong this year; it could thrive
We have seven teams in the top twenty-five
But it’s early yet, let’s see how far we all get
And which teams, at the end, will survive

“How ‘bout them Buffs?!” said a friend of mine
they beat Nebraska by a margin quite fine.
But the Terps beat ‘Cuse (there’ll be stats we can use
when we play them several weeks down the line)

But let’s all remember that game last week, folks
And watch this weekend the excitement it stokes
We ran and we passed (and we scored three times, fast!)
Let’s all hope this week nobody chokes

Young Collins’ running has been something to see
His average last week was eleven-point-three!
He’s fast and he’s fun, boy this Freshman can RUN!
Can’t wait to watch him on Saturdee (sorry; couldn’t resist)

We play ASU, it’s not very frequent;
mostly those teams are a Pac-12 event.
They come in undefeated (but they can’t be conceited;
those wins were against Sac State and Kent).

So let’s go get Coach his hundred-and-tenth win
And see if at least THAT would cause him to grin
If we play huff-and-puffy, we might just pass Duffy
And that’s air in which he’s not been

And now we will end as you all knew we might
With thunderous chants to East Lansing’s delight
We’ll sing ‘Go right through’ for our MSU
Waking residents with “Go Green! Go White!”

You take it from here, Spartan fans…

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