Western Michigan vs. Michigan State

With a special note for our Spartan friend, Carole

We start this time cheering for Carole
The details for the public I’ll spare’ll
(I just channeled Lehrer, there’s no rhyming fairer
And you can’t for that hold me o’er a barrel)

But quick, we’ll get to the business at hand
Lest these lite previews, for straying, get banned
It’s about football and our college and all
(and the game, of course, but beforehand)

SO (!)…

Good College Football to you all
It really is starting to feel like Fall
It’s week number two, and I’m ready (you too?)
though the order, after last week, seems tall

The Western Michigan Broncos can score
We really can’t take these teams lightly ‘no more’
If “O” plays like last week, the results could be bleak
And our season could be iffy, for shore

I hear, sometimes, that “a win is a win”
And some will be happy if we just do it again
We need better still, and more Spartan Will
(and a heckuva lot more red-zonin’!)

Last week our defense really showed its stuff
But our offense just didn’t have enough
We won’t win many games, forget any acclaims
if that side of the ball isn’t tough

Now, Coach D sure had a word or two
About what the offense will need to do
Half of them figured out what the game is about
and this week the other half should, too

It’s not just one guy who gets all the blame
The whole offense was pretty much the same
A bunch of blasés not making the plays;
(our offensive scoring was just lame!)

You can thank all your deities for Coughlin, that’s true
Whose giant leg always seems to come through
(but if he misses the void, hey, there’s always Carli Lloyd)
Here’s hoping we see them on Sundays, too

This week is versus the team from Western
Let’s wait and see what D’s offense did learn
On Saturday, it’s the Broncos we play
And he’s promised things will take a turn

And so we expect it’ll all be great
As Spartans we always anticipate
great throwing TDs (and great runs too, please)
Let’s hear it ‘cross the globe: GO STATE!

So this is for Carole, our Spartan friend
Green love and hugs all of us send
We love you, you know (and may we all learn to show
all the love and warmth you freely lend).

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