When We All Became Knights’ Fans…

…and then we prepared to play LSU, March 29.

We were all Knight’s fans on Sunday, it’s true
Though we’re all green and white, we were black and gold, too
Now, this David had Goliath (if you deny it, you lie-eth)
But it wasn’t quite enough to beat the Devil’s in blue

UCF almost won their game against Duke
And they played so well it couldn’t be called a fluke
We rooted for the Knights to reach new heights
But that last-second shot almost made us all (lose our lunch…)

Their center’s named Tacko, but what’s in a name?
At seven-foot-six all giants look the same
He doesn’t need to jump, he just reaches up to dunk
And his body can fill an entire door frame

His wingspan can raise him aloft on the current
I don’t know about you but that alone’s a deterrant
They could’ve won (and wouldn’t THAT have been fun!)
if the rolls were going in, but they weren’t

And that’s how the tournament went last weekend
The commentators all have been seeing a trend
The top teams are still there, in rarified air
Their seedings they’ve been able to defend

If the Knights had won, it would’ve been sweet
But before we’d meet Duke, we’ve got Tigers to beat
So let’s not look ahead; aim at them instead
So we can be amongst the Elite

We play LSU on Friday night
We need to make sure that our defense is tight
We need Cassius at his best, and Goins and X and the rest
And fans in D.C. in green and white

And so it is, as it always has been
We yell ‘Go White!’ and they yell ‘Go Green!’
We have to yell loud to stifle their crowd
As we shout “Go State!” in between.

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