Indiana vs Michigan State

Well, that last game really was a lot of fun
It sure felt better than that other one
We beat the Wildcats and in the process raised our stats
And it was extra nice to win in Evanston (sorry, Mom)

Our offense was well led by Lewerke
He didn’t panic, wasn’t skittish or quirky
His passing was good and he ran when he could
And he didn’t turn the game into a turkey

Our defense was kind of quiet
Not like recent games whereby it
was the side that scored the most when our offensive game was toast
(but if they say our D was bad that day, don’t buy it)

Some other games to look at for this week
Let’s go ‘round the league’ just a little, so to speak
Just a FEW other teams (we won’t go to extremes,
but some games – for fun – just might our interest pique)

Rutgers vs Michigan
Well, we used to just assume that this would be
a blowout, but this year we’ll wait and see
it’s been tough for Jim Harbaugh (he’s their savior? Yeah; pshaw!)
And some might find a Rutgers win fun-nee!

Northwestern vs Wisconsin
The Badgers are the power team this year
It seems that every team they play, they smear
Now that’s just in the Big Ten, but we will love to see it when
they play the Buckeyes in Ohio (and we’ll cheer!)

Ohio State vs Nebraska
Now, the Huskers are atop the Big Ten West
And Saturday they’ll have to play their best
if they’re to bring Goliath down (cuz Ohio State’s in town)
And if Nebraska’s gonna move on in their quest

Central MI vs Western MI
Now THAT’S the real battle of our state
a critical matchup that should be great
(if you think I’ve had a spasm, yes that surely was sarcasm;
it is teams like those we’re ‘sposed’ to decimate)

But the game we really care about’s
against the Hoosiers, there’s no doubts
Let’s hope we play the same, as we played in our last game
and Ann Arbor hears the Spartans’ screams and shouts

So, here we go, all Spartan fans
We want to hear you from the stands
And if in the by and by, anyone sees Waffle Guy
Good lord, let T.V. show him! (She deadpans.)

So lest we get it less than right
Or I don’t get this out tonight
Our best let’s do, for MSU;
Shout with me: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

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