MSU vs Arizona State – Post Mortem

Wow. Not really much can be said.
There was a point in the game when we actually led
The O wasn’t ALL bad… and not much our D had
could raise our game from the dead

There were a few times when we could have scored
But somehow we couldn’t get points on the board
Our poor kicker had a day that really got away
Must’ve felt like a conquistador gored

But don’t blame it all on Coughlin; he’s great
And it wasn’t those plays that determined our fate
(as far as those flags, those little sandbags?
some shouldn’t have been thrown and some were awkwardly late)

They’ve got some fixin’ to do on all sides of the ball
And they can’t let this game drape the team in a pall
Get up off the ground and get back to what’s sound
This could be a much-needed wake-up call.

Go green! And this week work to get it all right
Next week’s the Northwestern Wildcats; go white!
Clean up your mistakes, do whatever it takes
to bring home a win on Saturday night.

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