A Pseudo-Preview, Following a Fun Win (that shouldn’t have been that close…)

Okay, folks, that last game felt GOOD
Though it was closer than it should
have been and I, can tell you why
Read on, if you would

Some over last week’s win may revel
But an advocate of the devil
would have to say, sometimes we play
down to our opposition’s level

If we’ll be in the conversation
‘bout the best teams in the nation
We can’t keep on displaying, a lack of power-staying
cuz there’s obvious effect and clear causation

There is really no excuse
Less team effort is a ruse
It’s clear that we can play in a more effective way.
May our team their killer instinct now unloose!

This week we play down in Columbus
Some are betting they will drumb-us
We don’t need to listen. Though we can’t deny the frisson;
we have to play as if our backsides aren’t plumbous!

Our D must be a wall
Every player gets the call
And maybe we’ll be sneaky and our D line won’t be leaky
And a couple times we’ll take from them the ball

And yes, our offense needs to bring it

Lewerke acc’rately must fling it
When it comes down to the score, we simply will need more
And then our fight song? more loudly we will sing it:

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