Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

Is anyone not looking forward to this game?
Maybe you fear the issues will be the same?
Yeah, “fix the mistakes”, but the coaches get no breaks;
On their shoulders rests a lot of the blame

But yes, it is true, the players need to fix
missed plays, penalties, fumbles and picks
nothing secret or new; nothing we can’t do
We need to play well NOW if we’re to be in the mix

Of course we’re Spartans through and through
I’ve seen us play great games, haven’t you?
We’ll all go and cheer, cuz we know that we’re
good enough, we’ve just got some work to do

And those unhappy who want to transfer?
We’ll all move on from where you were
If you’re hurt cuz you, dropped to Number Two
You just have to learn to work harder

So today it’s Wisconsin. Can you say ‘upset’?
Cuz I don’t think we’ve shown our best stuff yet.
This game would go far to show who we are
and that we too can be a serious threat

Their offense is great and they score a lot of points
that Taylor can run like his legs have no joints
Their D is great too (but they’re facing MSU;
it’s not our D that most oft disappoints)

They’ve got a D lineman at six-foot-seven
But he won’t be a problem (I say, in my sweven)
push him down cuz he’s tall (and the harder they fall)
Let’s watch them inside pushin’ and shevin’…

So let’s put behind us the woes of the past
and play like we’re tired of being outclassed
if the plays ain’t creative, the game’ll be sedative
(but if they ARE, this game could be a blast!)

Now it’ll take a chip and a lot of chutzpah
And of course great plays (as we know, blah blah blah)
Let’s see what they do (COME ON, MSU!)
Let’s kick Badger booty (RAH RAH RAH!)

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