Thank goodness Michigan State has a bye
If you’ve been watching, you need not ask why
They’ve got work to do. (I’ll wait and see. You?)
If they don’t change things, lotta Spartans gonna cry

So, while they’re fixing all elements
of their game, and make of it some sense,
there are other games today, in the NCAA
let’s look at a few other events

Ohio State plays Northwestern tonight
But you might have missed it if your timing’s not right
See, if Friday is done and somebody has won,
Then by Saturday, the game was ‘last night’.

And then there’s Wisconsin, we MUST root for them;
They’ll demolish Illinois, and they smacked U of M
They whooped us “real good’ (win the conference, they should!)
Their next game will be an absolute gem

The Colorado Buffs play Washington State
I’m kind of torn, cuz Boulder is great
Now the Cougs, they have been
finding it hard to win
But the Buffs, too, have struggled of late

Oh, and U of M plays at PSU
I know who I’m rooting for, do you?
It’s that team we might also yell for “Go White!”
(Until next week when they come to MSU).

So for now, football fans, enjoy the spread
There ARE some exciting games just ahead
Let’s hope Michigan State gets everything straight
And used well this bye week they so badly need-ed…

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