MSU vs Penn State

Well, let’s see which team shows up this week
One with a shoulder chip, or one that is meek?
Let’s hope it’s the former, to help change the norm, er
the rest of this season will be bleak

We play Penn State; our defense should be fine
if they keep doing their thing with a stiffened spine;
The Kenny/Joe duo, and all the D who owe
nothing to the offense pacing the sideline

So, sitting back in our comfy armchairs,
we coach, we scream (some even shout prayers)
Cuz we can see clearly(!), and some missed plays severely
make stand up straight all of our back-of-neck hairs!

We Spartans believe, that on any game day
our team can beat whoever they play
(It’s not WE who question but we get indigestion
when our offense doesn’t play that way)

Get out of your heads and play like you can
(and we’ll cross our fingers for a decent game plan)
You’re better than you’ve been, now go out there and win!
And get back to the way this season began

We’re playing at home, which is great
Let’s hope new plays the coaches create
Let Rocky play, too! They won’t know what to do!
(They should have a ‘Green-Out’ at State.)

Now let’s all get our attitude right
Even though we’ve not played as we might,
we expect they’ve reflected and mistakes they’ve corrected
and we’ll still shout “Go Green! Go White!”

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