Commentary really can’t prepare us for this week
There isn’t much that we can say about our current streak
We love our Spartan football (and now there’s basketball
to sorrow-drown when things out on the gridiron are bleak)

As Spartans we always believe in our team
no matter how grim recent weeks may seem
We’re green through-and-through, we always love our MSU.
(May they find a way to end the season with a head of steam.)

It isn’t every week that we call out one name
When we do it’s mostly good, but this week is not the same;
C’mon, seriously Joe, you blew it, ya know?
Hope you’ve learned that lesson quick and come back NATURALLY next game.

This week it’s Illinois and we’ll all don our green and white
We’ll cheer cuz we believe in them (more than we think THEY might)
You all know how it goes, as “GO GREEN! GO WHITE!” flows
Let’s hope they get a win that sets their palates alight.

We hold out hope they’ve changed and each week find a way to win
We think they can, we think they can (AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!)
Naysayers will say “nay”. But they still must come to play.
(No season’ll be saved if you just “compete” with Michigan.)

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