MSU vs. Northwestern

Well, what do you think’s gonna happen this week?
Forget number one-ten; it’s mere offense we seek!
Clean up the game, the penalties are a shame
And I guarantee next time a different critique.

We’re all Spartan fans, no matter what
But losing that way won’t make the league’s cut
Here’s to changing your game from more of the same
Lest ye become mired in a losing rut

Now last week’s loss left us gulping chagrin
this week our battle to control the pigskin
is against the Wildcats, it’s away for us and that’s
just gonna make it harder to win

So let’s hope the offense makes some great moves
(and hope play- and penalty-calling improves)
This game could be a test to settle the unrest
It will be the whole staff it behooves

So here’s to our alma mater, MSU
And hoping Coughlin’s kicks will be true
Let’s get it together, team; wake up from that bad dream
This is Dantonio’s record-breaking game, Take-Two

OH! It’s also Sparty’s birthday this year!
He’s thirty, so there’s twice the cause to cheer
(No, he’s not over the hill; he’s full of Spartan Will!)
They oughta give him birthday cake and beer!

Now we shout “Go, Green!” (and you yell “Go White!”)
This game’s in the morning this week; not at night
(It won’t matter of course, students will yell themselves hoarse)
How do we end it? Fight! Fight! Fight!

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